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George Walton Academy's High School, grades nine through twelve, takes pride in balancing emphasis on college preparatory and extracurricular activities. Upper School courses are designed to stimulate intellectual, social, and emotional development so that our students will become productive members of society. Because learning also occurs outside of the classroom, the Academy encourages a variety of field trips, welcomes guest speakers, and encourages our students to participate in community service projects during the year.

More than 300 students are enrolled in the High School with the average class size consisting of approximately twenty students. Advanced placement classes are offered in English, Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, U.S. History, European History, Art, and Music Theory.   All advanced placement classes consist of approximately ten students. In addition to regular English classes, all juniors and seniors are required to take 1/2 unit of composition both their junior and senior year. All students must earn 23 Carnegie Units to graduate from the Academy, including one full composition unit and one academic elective. Students need to have completed: English - 4, Mathematics - 4, Social Studies - 3, Science - 4, Foreign Language - 2, Keyboarding - 1/2, Computer Technology/Fine Arts - 1/2, Physical Education - 1, and 3 Electives.

2013-2014 Course Catalog

At George Walton Academy all high school students are required to take the PSAT and SAT exams. Our students' class averages are consistently above the state and national averages. The average SAT score for 2012 was 1730.  In order to graduate from George Walton Academy, all seniors must be accepted to a college. The High School operates on a two-semester calendar consisting of two nine-week periods per semester. All classes meet daily for 55 minutes.

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