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Middle School

George Walton Academy's Middle School, grades six, seven and eight, provides a smooth transition for students from Lower to Upper School as well as from childhood to adolescence.

During the middle school years, students begin to accept more responsibility for their own actions. They are encouraged to become self-reliant and self-disciplined. It is important that students understand they are ultimately responsible for their growth as scholars, citizens, and people. In middle school, the facts and skills learned in lower school are broadened. Critical interpretive and evaluative thinking skills are stressed as well.

A major emphasis is placed on reading and mathematics. Reading is instructed through the seventh grade so that students are ready for new experiences in algebra, geometry and beyond. The fundamentals of science and social studies learned in Lower School are broadened. General life and physical sciences, as well as general World and U.S. History, are taught in middle school. Much of the material covered in the Lower School integrates one subject with another.  This knowledge is expanded through the middle school grades. This approach reinforces learning and promotes academic relevance and growth. By the end of the eighth grade, all basic skills necessary for success in Upper School will have been taught and mastered.



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